Step 1: Select a Card

DISCLAIMER: USEPA e-Cards allow the public to send electronic greeting cards to friends, family, and co-workers. When using the personal message feature in US EPA's e-Cards, you are responsible for the content of the message. Please note:

  • You are allowed to send personal messages with a limit of 300 characters or less.
  • Comments and views expressed in the personal message feature are those of the individual sending the response and do not necessarily reflect those of the US EPA or the Federal government.
  • US EPA does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of the information sent in a personal message.
  • US EPA does not endorse content or links provided in a personal message.
  • US EPA does not authorize the use of copyrighted materials contained in a personal message. Those who provide comments are responsible for the copyright of the text they provide.
  • US EPA e-Cards follow the USEPA .gov privacy policy. US EPA will not share or sell any personal information obtained from users with any other organization or government agency except as required by law. Please view all of our policies and regulations at