Build Green! It's easy to build new homes radon-resistant.

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To put a Radon Green Song Ringtone on your phone, visit the following website:

You'll find the ringtones listed near the bottom of your screen. You can click on any of them to listen to a preview, and when you've found the one you want, click "Send to Phone" and follow the website's instructions from there to determine how you'd like the file sent to your phone... we recommend the picture message method. If you choose this method, continue instructions at step #3 below.

Special instructions for Verizon customers:
  1. Download the ringtone you want from this DVD to your desktop (in mp3 format).
  2. Send an email to your phone (phone number - with area code) with the mp3 file attached.
  3. You will receive a picture message containing the embedded sound file.
  4. Press the "options" menu, then "Save Sound" or "Save File." You should find your new ringtone with the rest of the ones currently on your phone.