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Air and Radiation

Dear Asthma Partner:

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPAs) Indoor Environments Division is pleased to announce the release of its new childhood asthma media campaign produced with The Advertising Council. Our asthma public service campaign, “GoldFish”, is in the process of being distributed to media nationwide. You may start to see or hear our public service announcements (PSAs) sometime in the near future.

We hope you will join EPA and the Ad Council in efforts to promote this campaign to media outlets in your area. This campaign is being distributed to virtually every major TV, radio and newspaper outlet nationwide. We encourage you to contact or visit the media outlets in your area. We know the media responds and gives more “donated time” when they get requests from local viewers and constituents. This means the PSAs are more likely to be broadcast during prime time slots. If you are an asthma expert, it also would be helpful to the station if you offer your services as a resource for local information.

Inside this package you will find

  1. Copy of the TV public service announcement: “GoldFish” in English & Spanish
  2. Alert Postcards about HOW to ORDER more PSAs
  3. A Fact Sheet about the campaign and the Video News Release
  4. Talking Points for a possible news interview
  5. How to Promote PSAs to local media

We appreciate your support in helping to prevent asthma attacks in children. We look forward to working with you on this important national effort. If you have any questions about the media campaign, please contact Kristy Miller at 202-564-9441. Best of luck with your local outreach!


Mary T. Smith, Director

Indoor Environments Division

Internet Address (URL) · http://www.epa.gov